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Joomla Web Hosting in Qatar


If your looking for Joomla web hosting optimised with super-fast Solid State Drives (SSD) we have specialized hosting are for you! They are designed for Joomla powered businesses and web enterprises requiring a robust solution. They are a jump up from our basic Simple plans allowing for more to be done in less time!


If your website requires professional and reliable Joomla hosting, be assured that there is none better! Why? Because our environment has been exclusively built with Joomla in mind!

As Joomla dedicated providers, we are aware of the performance advantages of managing Joomla’s database independently from its files.This ensures that the files severs are dedicated to the task of managing files while the database servers are solely dedicated to the task of managing database queries! This ultimately results in both sets of servers running at optimal speed and efficiency, which improves reliability and provides Joomla with a faster load time.